Laos is fast becoming the darling of South-east Asia, satisfying all the romantic images of perfumed frangipani trees, saffron-robed monks, rusty old bicycles and golden temples, all set amongst a rich tapestry of tropical river islands, ethnic minority villages, cascading waterfalls and vivid, green rice paddies, and bound together by the mighty Mekong River, the country’s lifeline.

Often overlooked in favour of its better-known neighbours as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos remains one of Southeast Asia’s most beguiling destinations. Caught in the middle of the two Indochina wars and long isolated from the rest of the world, the country retains a slow, rather old-fashioned charm, and its people – incredibly laidback and friendly, even by Asian standards – are undoubtedly one of the highlights of any visit.

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Nestled amidst towering limestone mountains on the banks of the Ou River, it enjoys one of the best locations in northern Laos. It also acts as...

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Indochina - a destination known for its strength, grace and unlimited potential. Together, the nations of Vietnam,...

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