Travel essentials
There are something you should be aware before you decide to jump in a plane to Indoahina ( Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia) . Below are some of The Do’s and Don’t thing in these countries: Don't: Don’t need to exchange money at home because both Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia have banks and accept credit card payment Don’t pack toiletry paper, towels because most of guest houses or hotels offer these kind of things Don’t pack books…there are plenty of bookstores that crater to all traveler’s taste Don’t bring more than 2 pairs of shoes…there is no reason why you should have a pair of shoes for each occasion Don’t pack a sleeping bag only if you plan on camping and being outdoors And Do's: Do take care of your important legal documents such as visa/ passports or credit cards. Do bring small pockets to keep your money and credit cards Do bring your medical pill which prescribed by doctors in...
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Angkor Wat - Top choice hindu temple in temples of Angkor
Angkor Wat, Siemriep, Cambodia is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.
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